The Elite Philosophy

Elite Health and Fitness was created to deliver best-in-class health and fitness products coupled with a world-class professional education program. We focus on providing educational opportunities and products carefully selected based on the Elite Factors. We only deliver training and product lines that will achieve the best outcomes at the greatest value. Our job is not done until we exceed your expectations.

Factor 1: Best In Class

Elite specializes in carrying only best-in-class products. You will not find multiple brands of the same product in our offering. We have done the work to identify the elite product in each class based on the Elite Factors. We continually develop our offering to reflect products that are the most beneficial for health, fitness, and wellness. And always, we love to get feedback regarding the entire experience so we can provide continuous improvement in what we do.

Factor 2: Quality

Elite assesses quality based on feedback from clinicians and consumers, as well as our own trials. Metrics taken into account include the quality of materials/ingredients, product age once it reaches the end-user, the methods by which the products are manufactured, and the durability of the products in practice.

Factor 3: Innovation

Preferred manufacturers have established themselves as innovators and are receptive to feedback. Elite pursues brands that continually improve their products to keep up with the latest in research.

Factor 4: Support

Elite requires that each manufacturer be capable and willing to support their products throughout the entire product cycle. A company that stands behind their products is indicative of a company that makes the highest quality products.

Factor 5: Research

Elite looks for manufacturers that take research and clinical studies seriously. We look for manufacturers that continue to fund and promote research that will more fully explain how and why their products benefit human function.

Factor 6: Professional Education

Elite ProEDU, our professional education program, is designed to improve the skill set of the practicing clinician. Our instructors have abundant clinical experience and knowledge of the research that supports what we do. We focus on programs that are engaging and hands-on to create an exciting and valuable learning experience. We want you to be able to use what you learn from the moment you return to your office.