• April 7-8th, 2018

April 7-8th, 2018

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Product Description

Kinesiology Taping: Levels 1 and 2 will present an introduction to kinesiology taping techniques, as well as the must-know concepts for skin safety, skin preparation, and tape removal. Techniques learned include edema, muscle, pain, and functional. Fundamentals will allow you to add a great tool to your practice that gives the patient continued therapeutic benefits in between treatments. Intermediate will develop combinations of technique for thorough clinical application, further develop strategies and clinical reasoning for kinesiology taping, as well as introduce techniques specific to extremities.

Level 3 draws upon information learned in previous courses to help you master kinesiology taping.

Course Location

Precision Chiropractic
9300 Highway 290
Building A
Austin, TX 78736

Course Objectives

  • Levels 1 and 2
  • Understand how kinesiology tape differs from other types of tape used in rehab and sports
  • Learn the qualities of kinesiology tape that make it unique
  • Review physiology as it relates to kinesiology taping and functional movement
  • In a lab setting, learn and apply kinesiology taping techniques for swelling, muscle function, and pain
  • Learn techniques for commonly affected body areas, common orthopedic injuries, and neurological conditions

  • Level 3
  • Be able to problem solve patient related questions with strategies learned in previous courses
  • Understand techniques for patients with spinal dysfunction and pain
  • Utilize combination taping methods using both elastic and rigid tapes
  • Become aware of precautions for treating patients with nerve disorders including CRPS/RSD
  • Master new methods for trunk and pelvic stability, shoulder stability, hip strength, trochanteric bursitis, and other more complex conditions

Who should attend?

DCs, PTs, ATCs, LMTs, OTs, and other medical practitioners will do very well in the course. Less than 50% of the content of this course deals with evaluation, therefore course registration is also open to COTAs, PTAs, and CAs. However, registrants should be aware that there are certain activities discussed in the course that by law cannot be performed by assistants.

About The Speaker

Dr. Jon Eberle attended Texas A&M where he received a BBA in Accounting and an MS in Finance. After a career in forensic and litigation consulting, he changed course to pursue his love for sports and the health and wellness industry. As a personal trainer and avid triathlete, he naturally became very interested in kinesiology tape and helping the body to move better. Dr. Eberle completed his chiropractic doctorate work at Life University with an emphasis on functional neurology and chiropractic biophysics. In practice he has a focus on how kinesiology tape is used to best affect the nervous system for optimal clinical results with patients.

Jon Eberle served as the Director of Education for a major kinesiology taping manufacturer for two years. He was responsible for clinical and consumer application development, product development, directing and delivering the professional education program, as well as many other marketing and sales tasks. Dr. Eberle has taught his kinesiology taping program over 200 times in 8 different countries. In addition to his clinical experience utilizing kinesiology tape, he has taped tens of thousands of amateur and professional athletes at major health and fitness events, sports expos, clinical and retail trade shows, and within the scope of professional education initiatives. His broad experience in the retail and clinical markets makes him an excellent resource as an educator and business developer.

Dr. Eberle now serves as the President of Elite Health and Fitness and independently administers the Kinesiology Taping Professional Education program. Dr. Eberle is regarded internationally as an authority on kinesiology taping education due to his pioneering work in the clinical research and content creation used in many professional education programs. He has certainly confirmed his place among the pioneers in light elastic taping education and development. His program does not give you a list of applications to memorize, but instead provides you with the technique and strategy to utilize the benefits of kinesiology tape for neuromusculoskeletal conditions and beyond.